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Outside the spherical bearing

Although its basic performance with deep groove ball bearings should be similar, but because of the bearing are mostly applied in mechanical rough, installation location is not accurate, the axis of the shaft with a hole to neutral, or under the condition of large axial length and deflection etc, and the bearing itself precision is not high, some structure is rough, so the performance of the actual performance comparison on the same specifications of the deep groove ball bearings to play quite a discount. For example, with the top wire of outer spherical ball bearing used in poor rigidity of large deflection of shaft, this kind of bearing with seals on both sides, can prevent dirt intrusion, strict factory is loading the right amount of lubricant, does not need to clean before installation, do not need to add lubricant, bearing inner ring protruding the top on the side wire screw fastening on shaft. Allows the axial load shall not exceed 20% of the rated dynamic load.
Insert ball bearing units with eccentric sleeve with the top wire outer spherical bearing performance is basically the same, just the top silk, the circle, but on the eccentric sleeve. Cone hole of outer spherical ball bearing inner hole for 1:12 taper cone hole, can be installed directly on the conical shaft, or with the help of a set bushing is installed on the no shoulder axis, and fine-tune the bearing clearance.
Outside the spherical bearing is suitable for the required equipment and parts of simple situation, such as used for agricultural machinery, transportation systems or on construction machinery.
Is mainly used to bear radial direction load primarily radial and axial loads, and should not be commonly alone bear axial load, the bearing can be installed separately inner ring (with full set of roller and retainer) and outer ring. This kind of bearings are not allowed to have inclined shaft relative shell, under radial load appointment will generate additional axial force. This kind of bearing, the size of the axial clearance of the bearing can be normal working relationship is very big, when the axial clearance through the hours, temperature rise is higher; The larger axial clearance, the bearing is easy to damage. In installation and operation, it is important to pay special attention to the adjustment of bearing axial clearance and preloaded mounting can be made when necessary, to increase the bearing rigidity.