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Self-aligning ball bearing work requirements

For the heavy load, working conditions or have special request for seal bearing configuration, can use the built-in contact type sealed spherical roller bearings. The same with the sealed bearing, bearing dimension on many occasions to replace the sealed bearing. Allow self-aligning Angle is 0.5 °, working temperature is 20 ℃ ~ 110 ℃. - bearing inner has filled the right amount of lithium base antirust grease, also can add grease according to user requirements. According to with or without inner ring guard and the cage is different, can be divided into two kinds of basic, C model and CA model type and C type bearing inner ring is the feature of no guard and USES the steel plate stamping cage, CA type bearing characteristics of the inner ring both rim and solid cage by car. Especially suitable for these bearings under heavy load or vibration loading work. Spherical roller bearing with two race between inner ring and groove for spherical outer ring, equipped with cylindrical roller bearing.