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The reason of fracture failure of stainless steel bearings

Stainless steel bearing failure of the main reason is that defects and overload two factors. When the loads more than material strength limit fracture caused by parts called overload fracture. Overload reason mainly is the main engine failure or improper installation. Bearing parts of micro crack, shrinkage cavity, bubbles and large foreign impurities, overheating organizations and local burns and other defects during the impact overload or violent vibration will cause fracture in defect, known as defect fracture. It should be pointed out that the bearing in the process of manufacturing, for raw materials into the factory reinspection, forging and heat treatment quality control, process control through instrument analysis of the existence of the above defects and correct still must strengthen control in the future. But in general, usually most of the stainless steel bearing fracture failure for overload failure.