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【Integrity, cooperation, innovation, excellence】
Credibility: win the trust of customers; win the trust of the staff; win the trust of the community.
Collaboration: extensive external cooperation, resource sharing, mutual benefit and reciprocity; Internal team building, full communication, coordination and cooperation.
Innovation: induction of change, rapid action, dare to try, timely adjustment.
Excellence: the pursuit of "high-quality, efficient, value-added." Provide advanced technology, quality products, professional services; To ensure high efficiency, high efficiency, high efficiency; to realize value-added customers, enterprise value-added, value-added staff.
Professionality, trust, autonomy, supervision, development】
Professionality: dedicated to their own excellence.
Trust: merit, dare to enable trust new people.
Autonomous: fully authorized to require systematic logistics, active, independent action.
Supervision: clear responsibilities, interactive collaboration, two-way feedback, subject to the overall situation.
Development: keep making progress, dynamic management, to maintain a flexible and effective employment mechanism.
Open and aboveboard, all problems can have a positive way to solve the actual.
Industry dedicated, do not do time place thieves occupation.
Impartiality, do not use the work to seek personal gain.
Strictly confidential, do not disclose all the company's business value of information and materials.
Serious and responsible, there is a strong sense of responsibility, not perfunctory.
Thrifty, a strong concept of efficiency, not extravagant waste.
Abide by the law, obey the leadership, unite the colleague, make a popular person.
To work on time, not absent. Pay attention to the instrument, clothing neat.
Wear uniforms and badges. Treat others warmly and greet them in time.
Speak politeness, manners and civilizations. Pay attention to health, pay attention to safety.
Quick action, do not procrastinate. Concentrate, do not give up halfway.
Application, after the implementation, not intentional boycott.
Multi-communication, multi-coordination, not intentional.