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The composition of stainless steel bearing

Within the channel and the adjacent normal hardening is the key to a small part and the hardening, assembly within the set screw spindle end through the local resistance to high temperature tempering toughness and resistance to keep. Can should be avoided during bearing screw loose, and tighten the screw hole in local or so after tempering, bearing better performance, and won't cause internal attack.
We actively adjust defy, bearing not only locking shaft.
Excellent sealing performance
Stainless steel bearing structure, bearing is very rigid, prevent deformation of bearing breeding assembly, bearing what retirement conditions, durable.
Special heat treatment to the development of bearing inner ring.
Ways there are three methods of bearing lock shaft is usually in the extension of internal locking side two set screws, etc., can also use the set set of locking sleeve or preference. These three methods can be easily locked bearing on the shaft.
With long life, load capacity.
Two side is equipped with a heat, oil rubber sealing ring and steel plate combination of dust cover seal outer spherical ball bearing. Dust cover assembly in the bearing inner ring, and with the change of the inner ring diameter and can effectively prevent foreign bodies from entering the bearing internal, and able to withstand external pressure bearing treasure, this through a combination of constitute sealing ring and dust cover to prevent dirt, dust and moisture from the outside into the bearing, and bearing external stop smooth grease leakage. Bearing in academic tasks will be able to maintain a satisfactory performance.
Hole diameter and the shell of the two active alignment between the spherical bearing suits with obedience, can make up for the defects of ignition occurs, because the deformation of the axis of the assembly and installation and not bottom.
Insert ball bearing units due to the internal layout of communication with the 6200 and 6300 series deep groove ball bearings, external IB set-contained radial spherical ball bearing is not only acceptable load, and can accept large axial load. At the same time the bearing noise.
As usual use, such as soil, dust, humidity and low temperature elegant task status insert ball bearing, bearing outer ring butter fat will deteriorate in the short term. Therefore, in the mood for insert the critical interval of spherical ball bearing grease new smooth, smooth with fresh oil processing of oil has gone. Cast iron IB spherical ball bearing with nozzle, can again lubrication, in any task status to ensure there will be a successful performance and longer service life.